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Stuart is a life-long resident of Lancaster County who grew up hearing his father Herb advise clients about buying and selling homes.  After graduating from high school, Stuart spent 6 years in the construction industry and joined Herb in real estate sales in 1994. Today they have over 70 years of combined experience selling all types of real estate – residential, commercial, and agricultural.
Stuart married his high school sweetheart Regina in 1991 and they have been happily married over 25 years.  God has blessed them with five children, a great son-in-law and a wonderful grandson.
In addition to their extensive real estate knowledge, Stuart and Herb have over 60 years combined experience owning and managing mobile home parks and rental real estate.  They would be happy to share advice about buying and owning rental real estate. If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and low-pressure experience, call the Father/Son team!
Stuart – (717)575-5955
Herb – (717)665-1407


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